CHARMED SEASON ONE RARE SINGLE CARDS featuring The Halliwell Sisters!
released in December, 2000 manufactured by Inkworks!

Charmes base set
Charmed Season One
Base Set Card
Charmed Promo Cards Season One,
released in 2000!
ML-1 promo card from Suncoast Video-Media Play.
PB-1 inkworks promo card POCKET BOOKS!
SF-1 Charmed Sci Fi Magazines promo card!

charmed season one
Season One Cards
Non Sport Update

Charmed S1 - The Charmed Ones. manufactured by Inkworks released Dec. 2000.

CHARMED: The Power of Three Premium trading cards.
manufactured by Inkworks Released in May. 2003!

po3 base set
The Power of Three
Base Set single cards

the Power of Three Single Bonus Cards

Rare PO3 card PW5 - Piece of an Authentic costume
(Top/Red) Worn by Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell
in the Episode Witches in Tights.

BL1, BL2, and BL3 - Boys of Charmed cards

authentic pieceworks cards
The Power Of Three
Authentic Pieceworks Cards

PO3 - The Power of Three. manufactured by Inkworks released May 2003.

CHARMED CONNECTIONS Premium Trading Cards - Rare Promo card.
released in May 2004 manufactured by Inkworks!

CC cards
CC Charmed Connections
single trading cards

Rare Charmed Connections Cards

single card CCi - Internet card, rare promo card
mail-in offer by Inkworks

BL1, BL2, and BL3 / Family Ties cards

charmed connections base set
Connections Card
Bonus cards, Promo card

CC Charmed Connections Single Trading Cards. manufactured by Inkworks released May 2004.

CHARMED CONVERSATIONS Premium Trading Cards - Rare Promo card.
released in Aug. 2005 manufactured by Inkworks!

Conversations Base Set
Charmed single cards

Rare Charmed Conversations Cards
single card P-SD - 2005 San Diego Comic Con
rare promo card

BL1, BL2, and BL3 single cards

Conversations Card
rare Bonus cards

Charmed Conversations Single Trading Cards. manufactured by Inkworks released Aug. 2005.

The Charmed Ones-
inkworks annouces a new trading card series featuring the
enchanting Halliwell sisters and their new found supernatural powers:
Pru (Shannen Doherty) has the ability to move objects with her mind;
Piper (Holly Marie Combs) can stop time; and
Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) can see glimpses of the future.
Working together, their powers are constantly tested against
the dark forces they face in their every day life...

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