Charmed Season One -pricelist

Charmed - Box Loader Card
season one CL-1
price: $58.99 :l: shipping: $7.00
Charmed - Base Set
season one 72 cards
price: $54.95 :l: shipping: $12.00
The Charmed Ones Puzzle set
season one P1 through P9
price: $129.00 :l: shipping: $9.00
Charmed - Spirit Board
season one S1
price: $78.85 :l: shipping: $7.00
Charmed. Trade Shows -
summer 1999
season one promo card: P-0
price: $56.95 :l: shipping: $7.00
Charmed. General Distribution -
Winter 1999-2000
season one promo card: P-1
price: $46.99 :l: shipping: $7.00
Charmed. Revised Promo Card with
New Release Date
season one promo card: P-2
price: $68.99 :l: shipping: $7.00
Exclusive Promotional Card
season one internet card: PC-i
price: $139.99 :l: shipping: $7.00
Charmed. Media Play
season one promo card: ML-1
price: $69.95 :l: shipping: $7.00
Charmed. Sci-Fi
season one promo card: SF-1
price: $79.99 :l: shipping: $7.00
Charmed. Pocket Books
season one promo card: PB-1
price: $84.98 :l: shipping: $7.00
Charmed. Non-Sport Update
season one promo card: NSU-1
price: $104.00 :l: shipping: $7.00
Charmed. Book of Shadows
season one: single card B1 through B6
price: $24..99 each :l: shipping: $7.00

Charmed. Book of Shadows
season one: Set- cards B1 though B6
price: $124.95 set :l: shipping: $9.00


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Charmed Season One
Charmed Season One

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